Come Earthwalking With Me

Cae Non in Summer
The view from Cae Non where Earthwalking is held

Many of us have read books and attended talks and workshops on a wide variety of fascinating topics. We come away feeling inspired and energised, determined to make amazing changes in our lives… and then the reality of everyday living kicks in and all our wonderful intentions get swept beneath the busy-ness, commitments and pressures of 21st Century existence.

To enjoy a life which is morally and ethically active and spiritually alive we must learn how to fully integrate our highest ideals and practices into our everyday life – even the most mundane tasks and actions. Authentic spirituality needs to be fully embraced, practiced, lived and experienced every moment of every day.

Participating in the seven weekends throughout the cycle of one whole year gently and gradually demonstrates how you can do this. More, it doesn’t simply show you how you may achieve this; it engages you in active participation which over the months becomes a habit… a way of life. True, there are background notes to read to help basically explain some of the theory behind the activities, but what we participate in at each weekend gathering is of a strictly practical nature, allowing participants to experience and feel for themselves – to discover whole new ways of living, of becoming aware of other realms of existence, of other vital living energies, of ways in which we can befriend and work with them to heal our planet and mutually enrich and nourish our lives.

This does not just apply to the novice either. It is good practice for even the most spiritually active and adept among us to occasionally return to the basics – the simplest is the most effective. Nor do we need to become bogged down in all the pomp and theatricals of ritual and regalia to achieve what we seek – we already carry everything we need within us… the strong intention of achieving authentic living practice, the ability to be still and listen, the desire to reach out with love, a modicum of empathy and compassion. The rest is up to you – how completely, how intensely, how successfully you ‘walk your talk’.

It in no way means that you have to utterly change your life… move from where you live… leave your job… neglect your family… deprive yourself of the many blessings and joys of life in the twenty-first century. Just the reverse. Earthwalking is all about how to actively emblazon your spiritual ideals while you are doing the washing up, driving to work, taking a shower, cleaning the loo. From the basic mundane it can equally be applied at more intense levels… arbitrating in family, work-place or community disputes, shedding calm and positive energy on dark angry situations, mindfully making a difference to any world situation – you can, you know, simply by the power of your loving thoughts.

We are all amazing beings and have great gifts at our disposal which can be utilised for the greatest benefit and good of all, anywhere, any time, simultaneously as we go about our daily tasks. Donning special robes and going to a designated place with other like-minded people can be supportive, empowering and enjoyable… but it isn’t necessary. We cannot all go into religious monasteries to live our spiritual lives. We need to be able to function spiritually as we go about every day in our home, the street, at work. Often all that is required is a few quiet moments to send some positive loving thoughts, or to smile at someone, or say a few kind words – even to a complete stranger. That is all. But the difference it makes can be monumental!

To achieve this all the clues lie around us in the natural world and the ancient Celtic beliefs which permeate the land we live in. To access it I take Earthwalkers back to the basics, gradually forming and deepening their relationship with the elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) and the elemental and divine energies/spirits which invests all things with life. You might find yourself lighting and warming yourself or cooking your food on your own log fire, paddling in flowing water, plunging your hands into fragrant clean soil or sitting befriending a plant, a tree or a stone.

We work seasonally too, learning why and how to honour the ever-changing seasons and how we can ideally embrace and meld not just with their energies, but with the expectations and constrictions they variously place upon us. Celebrate the coming darkness of Winter and the rebirth of the Light at Christmas; revel in the birthing of springtime; rejoice in the growing Light and blossoming time as the exuberance of early summer rolls out across the landscape bringing fruitfulness and the bounty of the autumn harvests and thanksgiving. Step back to remember and heal your past and the past of your ancestors. Learn to pass between different layers and worlds of existence and how to work in them and enjoy them. Initiate the habit of listening within – both to your own very wise physical body and to the small still voice of divine wisdom which dwells within us all. Make a habit of envisioning a better world and bring it into existence.

Celtic spirituality is rooted in a deep love of life and, traditionally, the hearth has always been central and sacred to Celtic society. I invite you to my own hearthside and offer you the opportunity for deep inner spiritual work by participating in simple actions and changes of perspective within your ordinary everyday life. This inevitably brings deep wisdom, contentment, happiness and healing.

On Saturday, the 18th August, I am holding a free introductory day. Come and meet the land which will be guiding your thoughts and steps every bit as much as me. Join in with some simple activities and share a hot, home made lunch. Live. Breath. Experience. Let go. Bring into being a new you.. a new world.
My best wishes and love to you all.

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