The Earth Tilts

Setting Sun
The end of a summers day

We have passed the longest day of Summer and celebrated the Solstice. As the sun sank to rest on the evening of the 24th June, we re-entered that part of the year which gradually grows darker. On Monday, by just a few seconds, we had less daylight than before the weekend. The earth has begun it’s journey away from the Sun and – for the Northern Hemisphere – it’s tilt into cold and darkness.

This, then, is a fitting time to tell everyone about the (non-fiction) book which I have written! Entitled ‘Merry Midwinter’ it has been brought into being to help everyone more authentically celebrate – not just one day in December – but the whole of Winter! It contains ideas for alternative practices, songs, games, recipes, craft projects to make natural evergreen decorations, as well as the historical background to many of our best-loved Christmas customs and gets right away from all the hype and commercialisation.

I promise you an informative, inspiring, amusing and gently life-changing experience – a book about Christmas unlike any other that you will have read.

Hopefully, ‘Merry Midwinter’ will be out in the shops by the beginning of October but NOT WITHOUT YOUR HELP! My London publisher, Unbound, works by crowd-funding. This means that people pay for a copy(ies) of the book before it is published so that all the production costs are covered by the time it comes to be printed. But this involves a substantial amount of money!

There are various categories available: £10 (digital), £20, £25, £35, for special edition collector’s copies and other special one-time -only offers such as joining me in a cosy home-made Winter afternoon tea by a blazing log fire or coming with me to celebrate Midwinter deep in the Snowdonia mountains.

It is really easy to pledge on the Unbound website – visit my web-page there at for lots more details and an extract from the book. If you prefer I can also accept cash or a cheque and pass it on to the publisher manually – just be aware that Unbound will open an account in your name to process your purchase of the book and that if you are sending money to me you need to add £4 for postage.

But the clock is ticking! I have just received a message from my editor to say that Unbound shall be closing the supporters list at midnight on the 1st July – which is this coming Sunday. You will still be able to pledge for ‘Merry Midwinter’ after that time- you just won’t get your name included in the book when it is published. So take the plunge and do it now!

I would deeply appreciate your support. Remember, I am NOT asking for charity… you are simply paying for something in advance… and in return you will receive something incredibly beautiful, inspiring, entertaining and useful.

The quotation from my book which I love to write and repeat to everyone is that Christmas (Midwinter) is a state of mind and a way of life ALL year round.

So a very merry Midsummer… and may the growing darkness bring nurture, fulfilment and solace to all!

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